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ACEC/MA Goals – A Message from Our President 11/14/2021

A message from ACEC/MA President Scott Miller, PE

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ACEC/MA Insights Winter 2021 2/3/2021

ACEC/MA Insights: Here's the Winter 2021 Issue

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Response to COVID-19 Orders, Memorandum Courtesy of Donovan Hatem 4/24/2020

Donovan Hatem has developed contractual language for the Design Professionals to consider in charting a path forward and managing the risk associated with COVID-19 and its related regulations. Examples in Memorandum are not appropriate for implementation in all situations, and we recommend Design Professionals discuss the terms of any contract, and responses to governmental actions, with counsel.

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New Members Winter 2020 3/23/2020

Please join us in welcoming our new members to ACEC/MA.

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ACEC/MA Insights Winter 2020 3/23/2020

Hope you enjoy this new format for ACEC/MA Insights. Here's the Winter 2020 Issue

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A Young Engineer’s Experience with the ACEC/MA Genesis Leadership Development Program 3/20/2020

Genesis is the first of four Leadership Development Programs offered each year by ACEC/MA. There are 3 sessions, marketing, project profitability and communications. Both member and non-member firms are eligible to participate. Who are candidates in your firm who should attend?

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4 Questions to Ask Before Finalizing Your Marketing Budget. 3/20/2020

As firms grapple with how much to spend in this critical area — and what to spend it on – one of the most common questions we hear is, “What percentage of net service revenue should we spend on marketing and business development?”

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Massachusetts SJC Rules “Consent to Settle” Provisions Enforceable in Professional Liability Insurance Policies By Jon C. Cowen, Esq. 3/20/2020

In December, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued an important decision affirming the right of design professionals, and their insurers, to include a “consent to settle” provision in professional liability policies. Read more how ACEC/MA advocated on your behalf.

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Inspiring Future Problem Solvers: Share your expertise with students through Mass STEM Hub 3/20/2020

To prepare students to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and engage them in STEM learning, what we need in schools is an applied learning environment where students learn rigorous content and then apply it to solve real world problems.

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ACEC/MA Insights - Summer/Fall 2019 Issue 10/9/2019

ACEC/MA Insights Summer/Fall 2019 Issue Now Available

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ACEC/MA Insights - Spring 2019 Issue 6/21/2019

ACEC/MA Insights Spring 2019 Issue Now Available

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ACEC/MA Insights - Winter 2019 Issue 3/8/2019

Winter 2019 Issue of ACEC/MA Insights:Now available

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ACEC/MA Insights - Fall 2018 Issue 11/1/2018

Fall 2018 Issue of ACEC/MA Insights: Engineering and Quality, Can an Introvert Succeed at Business Development? What Are They Thinking? and More....

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ACEC/MA Insights - Summer 2018 Issue 7/27/2018

Download the Summer 2018 Issue of Insights, ACEC/MA's informative quarterly newsletter.

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ACEC/MA Insights - Winter 2018 Issue 3/13/2018

Download the Winter 2018 Issue of Insights, ACEC/MA's informative quarterly newsletter.

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