Member Briefing and BEC with DCAMM Leaders - 9/8/2017

Type:  General 

ACEC/MA Member Briefing + Building Engineering Comm (BEC)  Meeting with

 Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)

September 8, 8 - 9:45 AM  @ Aldrich Center, The Engineering Center, Boston with:

  • Carol Gladstone, Commissioner
  • Liz Minnis, Deputy Commissioner
  • Ron Renaud, Deputy Commissioner of Finance and Administration
  • Jack Keleher, Small Projects Director
  • Elizabeth Isenstein, Director of Energy
  • Matthew Cocciardi, Legislative Affairs Director

These DCAMM leaders arrive at 8:30 AM, but please join us starting at 8 AM.

This briefing is open to ACEC/MA Members: If your firm is an ACEC/MA Member, you are an ACEC/MA Member.

RSVP by September 6 on Survey Monkey – So wecan notify you of any schedule change.

Participation is limited to 1 person per ACEC/MA Member Firm, in addition to ACEC/MA Building Engineering Committee members and ACEC/MA Board members.