MassDOT Issues New Directive on Accessible Pedestrian Signal Installation Policy

Type:  General 

The MassDOT Highway Division has issued a new Engineering Directive dated 6/7/12.  This Directive is currently available on the MassDOT website:


E-12-007 – Accessible Pedestrian Signal Installation Policy:


This new policy must be followed for all projects that have not been submitted for review at the 25% design stage as of June 1, 2012, and should be followed for other projects that have progressed beyond the 25% design submission stage as of June 1, 2012, at the direction of the State Traffic Engineer.


This policy essentially requires the inclusion of accessible pedestrian signal (APS) devices as part of all new pedestrian signals installed on MassDOT projects.  The policy also describes the process for considering the installation of APS devices as retrofits to existing pedestrian signals not scheduled to be replaced under an advertised MassDOT project.


The new policy and associated attachments are also available on the MassDOT website


Accessible Pedestrian Signal Installation Policy (APS):