Fellows Committee


Joel P. Goodmonson, PE, FACEC
Executive Vice President-Principal
Architectural Engineers, Inc.
63 Franklin Street, 5th Fl
Boston, MA  02110
W: 617-542-0810
jgoodmonson @ arcengrs.com



Board Liason

David M. Vivilecchia

Regional Finance Manager-Principal
VHB-Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
101 Walnut Street, PO Box 9151
Watertown, MA  02471
W: 617-924-1770
dvivilecchia @ vhb.com


About the ACEC/MA Fellows

The College of Fellows of the American Council of Engineering Companies is an elite group of engineers who have made significant contributions to the engineering profession through their experience, knowledge and networking abilities.


In ACEC/Massachusetts, these Fellows include past leaders of ACEC/MA who are national Fellows, Honorary Fellows of ACEC/MA, along with Fellows from other states who have moved to Massachusetts or Rhode Island. 


The ACEC/MA Felllows usually hold several dinners per year.  Contact the Fellows Co-Chairs listed above for more information.


Current ACEC/MA Fellows and Honorary Fellows (as of July 2017)

Harl P. Aldrich, Jr., Sc.D, FACEC (deceased)
Frederick  G. Aufiero, PE, FACEC 
John H. Barrett, FACEC 
Jon  M. Beekman, FACEC 
David K. Blake, PE, FACEC 
Lisa A. Brothers, PE, LEED AP BD+C, FACEC 
Paul C. Bucknam, Jr.,PE, FACEC 
Daniel M. Carson, PE, FACEC 
Robert J. Caton, PE, FACEC 
John G. Chalas, PE, FACEC 
Donald E. Cullivan, PE, FACEC 
Domenic E. D'Eramo, PE, FACEC 
Stephen E. Dore, Jr, FACEC 
Stanley D. Elkerton, PE, FACEC 
Harold  E. Flight, PE,LEED AP, FACEC 
Thomas D. Furman, Jr, PE, FACEC 
William  J. Glover, Jr., PE, FACEC 
Donald  T. Goldberg, PE, FACEC 
David T. Goodemote, PE, FACEC 

Joel P. Goodmonson, PE, FACEC
Robin  S. Greenleaf, PE,LEED AP, FACEC 
Paul  D. Guertin, PE, FACEC 

Mary B. Hall, PE, FACEC

Richard  E. Hangen, PE, FACEC 
Michael J. Hanlon, III, PE, FACEC 
Robert E. Hickman, PE, FACEC 
William  S. Howard, PE, FACEC 
Edmund G. Johnson, PE, FACEC 
Edward  B. Kinner, PE, FACEC 
Beth J. Larkin, PE (Honorary Fellow)
Francis  D. Leathers, PE, FACEC 
Thomas K. Liu, Ph.D., PE, FACEC 
Robert  C. Marini, PE, FACEC 
Jean L. McCluskey, PE (Honorary Fellow)
Robert A. Mitchell, FACEC 
Judith Nitsch, PE, LEED AP BD+C, FACEC 
James A. Pappas, PE, FACEC 
Charles A. Parthum, PE, FACEC 
Leo  F. Peters, PE, FACEC. 
Michael K. Powers, PE, FACEC 
Paul  W. Prendiville, PE, FACEC 
Dorri G. Raposa, FACEC 
William J. Rizzo, Jr., FACEC 
A. Eugene E. Sullivan, PE, FACEC (deceased)
J E. VanDell, PE, F.ASCE, FACEC 
David B. Weiner, PE, FACEC 
David  F. Young, PE, FACEC